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Paul Wickham Pharmacy is committed in supporting your health goals as you and your family navigate the stresses of our modern lifestyle.

We have been located at 83 Mclennan St, Mooroopna for 100 years.  Our aim is to grow with our community and adapt to meet all your health needs.

We strive to provide high quality pharmacists with empathy and an understanding  of our local communities health challenges.  We are here to listen and take the time to help your family achieve their health goals.

Our knowledge of local health services enable us to direct you and your loved ones to the right health professional.  We are open minded and take a holistic health care approach.  We have links with many allied health care professionals.

Paul Wickham Pharmacy strongly supports local sporting and community groups.  We believe strong local clubs build a healthier and happier community.

A healthier you is a happier you.  Through health and happiness your family can work together to achieve your dreams and better contribute to your community.  A healthier community means a stronger  and more vibrant Mooroopna.