Everyday health

Pain Relief
  • Paul Wickham Pharmacy provides many different solutions for pain relief from medication for specific pain to medicated and natural rubs, gels and complementary medicines.
First Aid
  • Whether it is for the home, the car or for hiking, camping or sport we have a large range of first aid products to help in an emergency.
Cold & Flu
  • We have a large range of cold and flu remedies for young or old.  Whether you are pregnant or have specific health conditions we can relieve the symptoms of colds and flus and get you back on your feet fast.
Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines
  • We have a complete range of over the counter (OTC) medicines to help with a wide range of ailments.  From coughs and colds to pain and fever.  We will have your family well in no time.
  • For seasonal allergies such as hayfever or allergic conditions such as hives, we have a wide range of medications both non-drowsy and drowsy that can relieve itching fast or help you sleep.  We have tablets, liquids, creams, sprays or eye drops that can all offer quick relief from the symptoms of allergy.  For young or old we have the right product.
Vitamins / Complementary Medicines
  • We have a wide range of quality vitamins and minerals and the knowledge and advice to make sure you get the greatest benefit.  From krill oil for arthritis and magnesium for cramps, zinc for wound healing and vitamin D for stronger bones.  Come in and discuss your health needs and we will find which vitamins and minerals best suit you.

General Health

Men's Health
  • Whether you need to discuss prostate health or just which vitamins and minerals will benefit you most we have the right advice and products for you.
Women's Health
  • Whether you need advice during or after pregnancy or advice on menopause we are here to help.
Seniors Health & Healthy Aging
  • We are committed to helping you get the most out of your life.  We can make sure your medications don’t restrict your lifestyle and offer products and advice to help keep you active.
Children's Health
  • We have a full range of products for newborns through to teenagers that will keep your children happy and healthy.  From teething and nappy rash to coughs, colds and flu, eczema, asthma and tinea or ringworm to nits we will help solve your problem.

Specialist Health

Medical Equipment
  • We stock a full range of braces and strapping for injuries or sporting clubs.  We have crutches for sale or hire.  We are also able to do special orders for specific products.
NDSS - Diabetes products
  • We are a stockist of Diabetes Australia NDSS products including test strips, lancets, needles and blood glucose meters.  We also have diabetic diaries, lancet pens, insulin pens, urine testing strips and ketone test strips.  We also stock free used needle storage containers and accept and dispose of used needles and syringes.
Homy Ped Shoes
  • We stock a large range of Homy Ped shoes as well as the Homy Ped Diabetic range.  We are able to do special orders for specific shoes and are willing to mail shoes out to customers in remote areas.  Our staff are fully trained and offer excellent customer service when fitting Homy Ped shoes.  We are fully backed by Homy Ped and their professional staff.

Lifestyle Health

Quit Smoking
  • Smoking can be extremely hard to quit.  We understand that nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products are only a small part of the journey to quit smoking.  We offer a large range of NRT products and can offer advice and counselling tips to increase your chances of quitting.  We can also offer advice on prescription medications that your doctor may recommend.
Travel Sickness
  • We have a range of products that can ensure you don’t suffer on your next holiday.  From motion sickness to traveller’s diarrhoea, we can provide the right products and advice.
Weight Management
  • From prescription to OTC products we are happy to help you lose the weight you need to to maintain a healthy body.  We can discuss diet and meal replacement options or refer you to a doctor or dietician for more specialised treatments and meal plans.
Family Planning
  • From pregnancy and ovulation tests, to vitamins and minerals for mothers and fathers to be, we have products and advice for you.

Body Health

Eye/Ear Care
  • For eye infections, dryness or allergies we have the right product.  For swimmer’s ear or wax build up, we can give you the product or advice you need.
Digestive Health
  • For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or after antibiotic use we have products such as Acidopilus to get your tummy functioning right.
Hair & Skin
  • For healthy skin we stock many creams, vitamins and minerals specifically designed to help.  We have products to treat dandruff as well as nits to keep your scalp and hair healthy.
Dental care
  • From denture brushes to picksters and floss.  Mouthwashes or temporary fillings.  We have fluoride products that are dentist recommended.  We also have products for mouth ulcers or teething  to help ease the pain.
Foot care
  • For foot conditions such as warts, corns or bunions, we have a wide range of products to give you relief.  For tinea we have the right products and advice to treat your feet and footwear.  If you just have dry feet we have specific creams that will soften and revitalise your skin.

Non-Health Related Products

  • If you need a special gift for a birthday or Christmas or just to say thank you, we have a wonderful range to look at.  Always changing and very reasonably priced, it is well worth a look.
Handbags & Accessories
  • Affordably priced and a great range, come in and check out our stock.
  • We have some gorgeous jewellery for every day or that special occasion.  Come in and try some on.